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Music Ace 5.2

Music Ace is a program used for learning basics of the world of music

Music Ace is a program used for learning basics of the world of music.
It includes, in addition to many lessons, several games to make learning even more simple. Music Ace's menu lets you choose what you'd like to do, options are: Doodle Pad, progress, music games, and lessons.

In Doodle Pad you can create your own melodies using the notes of a piano which is used with the keyboard or mouse. Every time you select a note it will be shown and played on the screen. Once the melody is ready, you can save it in MIDI format. In the progress area, it shows all the lessons you have completed.

The game modes depend on the lesson you learnt. There will be a staff with several notes, and there will also be a single note to the other end, you will have to listen to it and compare it with the notes on the staff and guess which sound is the same. You click on it, and if they're the same they'll be played at the same time so you can see that in fact it's the same sound. Doing so will increase your score, until you finish the level and win.

In the lessons you will have a professor to teach you music and explain everything from the beginning. In the first lesson you will learn all about the staff and the types of notes. The second lesson is about the positions of the piano. Music Ace 2 is perfect for people starting to learn music.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Ideal for children with its fun way of teaching
  • Teaches music from scratch


  • Graphics are too simple
  • The sound of initial test notes is very low quality
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